Registration is a simple and easy process, requires you to submit the following documents at our office:

1. Filled and signed Registration Form with a Passport size photo.

2. Original proof of identity (Passport or Aadhaar card only)

3. Original proof of residential address (Ration card or Driving licence only)


You can pick up the equipment between 10:30 am and 6:00 pm on the rental day. Your rental period will be calculated from the moment you pick up the item. You will be charged for the day of rental. You have to return the item on or before the time you picked up the item. If the equipment is not returned on the due date, the customer will be charged twice the rental rate for every day after the due date.

We need a original copy of an id proof (driving licence, pan card) and address proof (ration card, driving licence) along with a copy of your employee id card. We need full payment of the entire rental amount at the start of rental. We do not accept laminated photocopies as original.

Customer assumes full responsibility of the rented items during the rental period and is expected to return items in same condition. Customer is responsible for damage or loss of items during the rental period. Shetala cameras takes every measure to ensure that the item rented is in good working condition. Customer is requested to check and ensure the same during the start of the rental period.

In the event of loss of equipment, customer agrees to pay the replacement cost of the equipment to Shetala cameras. Alternatively, the customer could choose to replace the item on his/her own. Shetala cameras reserves the right to charge lost opportunity cost in case of damage of rental items that are in high demand.

In case of damage, the report from the service center will be binding and the customer will be charged if the damage occurs due to the negligence of the customer. If the damage is due to the failure of the equipment, Shetala cameras will take responsibility of the repair cost.

In the event of any missing accessories (caps, hoods, tripod rings, bags, etc.), customer is fully liable for the replacement cost of the missing items. Shetala cameras will charge 10% extra cost in addition to the cost of the missing accessory as a penalty.

If item is not received back even after rental end date and customer is not reachable, we will be forced to initiate recovery proceedings including handing over the case to our legal & recovery advisors. Also services of a private investigator will be used to track down the customer and the equipment in resale markets / forums using serial number. Loss of item will be published wherever we deem necessary.

We take pride in the quality of our gear. We offer professional quality gear for rental at affordable price. We ensure that our gear is maintained well and free of defects before rental. We fully charge our batteries before each rental. Customers can pick up our gear and start shooting rightaway.

All the Terms & conditions are Subject to Chennai jurisdiction.